What's in a name? - Pause & Reflect

What's in a name? - Pause & Reflect

Posted by Liz Harwood on

I was wondering whether it seems curious, to our customers, that our leggings each have individual names? Not described as 'the pink pattern" or "the bluey green pair" . . our leggings are named after the painting that inspired them.

Pause & Reflect was painted in 2015, with colours of a lily pond a haunting figurine is reflected in a watery puddle or lake. The canvas received a number of lovely comments at the exhibition I held at the Piano Bar in Marlborough and a subsequent exhibition at Donnington Grove Country club in 2016.
When I paint, I've been told I paint in colours not images. So first I'll get a sense of colours that trouble me for some weeks, and eventually cause a stir that emanates from my brushes. It takes a while to let the painting emerge and that's the meditative phase where whatever I'm 'feeling' comes down onto the canvas.
I called this one "Pause & Reflect" because the final piece seems to invite contemplation. Now whilst we are coming through an immense and historical moment in our lives, we feel that it's been a time to pause, and to reflect, whilst we contemplate what has gone before, and what lies ahead.
The colours in the leggings have watery, lily pond hues and springlike blues and so it seems poignant to feature these for the next week or so. As sports bans are lifted, and we can once again hit the roads to run, join in with yoga and pilates classes, or cycle out in the fresh air once more these leggings are a super positive, and vibrant addition to your sports wardrobe! They look fab with black and white, and of course teals and blues! Check out our lovely White tee with Teal slogan to complete the look!

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