The Rise of Resort Wear - Why Resort Wear is Taking Over Golf Fashion

The Rise of Resort Wear - Why Resort Wear is Taking Over Golf Fashion

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What to wear at the resort?

In recent years, the golf apparel landscape has seen a significant shift with the rise of "Resort Wear," a term that's increasingly cropping up in the world of sports and, notably, golf.

Once reserved for the sun-soaked realms of luxury travel and beach vacations, resort wear is now making its mark on the golf course.

This trend signifies a blend of style, comfort, and functionality, appealing to golfers who desire to look their best while maintaining peak performance. We're exploring the evolution of resort wear, its growing influence in the golf industry, and what it means for the future of sports fashion.

What is Resort Wear?

Resort wear originally referred to a style of clothing designed for warm-weather vacations and leisurely activities. Characterised by light, breathable fabrics, vibrant colors, and a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic—resort wear has been a staple of the fashion industry for those seeking stylish fashion alternatives in tropical or coastal settings.

The Original Concept

The concept of resort wear dates back to the early 20th century when affluent travellers required stylish yet comfortable clothing for their holiday destinations. Fashion houses like Chanel and Pucci popularised this style, blending elegance with practicality for the well-heeled vacationer.

Over time, resort wear evolved from a niche market into a broader fashion category, embraced by designers for its blend of chic alternatives.  

The Shift to Activewear

As the boundaries between fashion and function blurred, resort wear began to influence activewear, including golf attire. The emphasis on comfort, performance, and style made it a natural fit for sports where players spend extended periods outdoors, often in sunny, warm conditions. 

Golf has always had a strong association with fashion, from the traditional argyle sweaters and plus-fours to the more modern, streamlined athletic looks. As the sport continues to evolve, so too does the style of those who play it. The integration of resort wear into golf reflects a broader trend towards making the sport more accessible and appealing to a diverse audience, blending sophistication with modern athletic requirements.

Aesthetic Appeal 

  • Vibrant and Trendy: The bold colors and patterns of resort wear add a fresh, stylish look to traditional golf attire, making it more visually appealing and less rigid.
  • Versatility: Resort wear can easily transition from the golf course to casual or semi-formal settings, making it a practical choice for golfers who want to look good both on and off the green.

Resort-Inspired Collections

Many golf apparel brands are now launching resort-inspired collections, featuring items that combine technical performance with stylish designs. Brands like FAMARARalph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, and Peter Millar have embraced this trend, offering pieces that embody the relaxed elegance of resort wear while meeting the functional demands of golf.

The Future of Resort Wear

Expanding Inclusivity

By offering stylish, comfortable options, golf apparel is appealing to younger players and those who may have previously felt out of place in the more formal golf attire.

Sustainable Choices

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, many brands are focusing on eco-friendly resort wear options, using recycled materials and sustainable practices to create their collections. This aligns with a growing demand for responsible fashion and contributes to a positive image for the sport.

Innovation and Technology

The future of resort wear in golf will likely see continued innovation in fabric technology, such as enhanced UV protection, temperature regulation, and moisture management. These advancements will further enhance the comfort and performance benefits of resort-inspired golf apparel, ensuring that players look and feel their best.

By embracing the principles of comfort, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, resort wear redefines what it means to dress for the game. As this trend continues to grow, it promises to bring a new level of sophistication and accessibility to the world of golf, making it an exciting time for both fashion enthusiasts and avid golfers.

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