Year 3 - Reflection

Year 3 - Reflection

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Our third year in business started a few weeks ago and it's given me time to reflect and plan for this pivotal year ahead. 

This particular business idea followed any number of other ideas that I'd created (and dismissed!) over the years. This one stuck fast and I have found myself in a role that entirely authenticates and validates who I am. 

Art and fashion design have always been my expression, since a teenager.  One favourite family tale is of the time that my parents went away for the weekend and upon their return discovered that I had removed their red velvet curtains and made a pair of New Romantic knickerbockers from them, then crafted a pirate style shirt from my bedsheet! (Era of Adam Ant).

With a love of sport, particularly golf, I have found myself 40 years on, able to merge all my loves - Art, fashion design, travel and sport in my business - FAMARA. 

With the support of a few (very) special people I have been able to turn my creative vision into a global brand of unique, luxury sports apparel.  Say that again? As I type this, I am looking at a world map covered in little stickers of where FAMARA is sold - and I really need to pinch myself.  

#womensupportingwomen is an ethos that I truly embrace, and I've met a number of such amazing women in the last two years that naturally and symbiotically support one another. 

In 2021 I connected with another golfing entrepreneur, Shelley West, (USA) via instagram. We instantly formed a bond and through our discussions we realised that we shared the same vision and were travelling a very similar path.  

We met in person in 2022 at the PGA Show, both of us rookies that first year, starstruck by the size of the OCCC and blown away that our products were received with such enthusiasm from buyers of prestigious country clubs across the US. 

Although there is a far more extensive list of women I should mention, I want to celebrate these 4 women particularly, as they inspire me daily and I'm so grateful for their part in FAMARA's success.  

  • @shelleywest of Nailed golf who's been a hero for the last two years and who patiently allowed me to share her home in California for the Desert Show in April (!) 
  • @YvonneBrook who created the Ladies Golf Lounge and brought together an online community of almost 10,000 women golfers during the pandemic. Allowing me to ask for feedback and input as I develop golf apparel that women really want. 
  • Katie Dawkins - Golf Monthly Journalist and Coach who has painstakingly supported FAMARA through introductions, articles, partnerships, fashion shows and more. My twin in art and creativity and an unrivalled zest for life.
  • Karen@LadyGolf in CA who has eagerly retailed FAMARA since the beginning and continues to inspire me to create new and vibrant collections for her store. You have no idea!
  • The ladies of WIGI who wrapped their supportive arms around us this year at the PGA 2023 and led us into opportunities and visibility across the US. 

We appear to have weathered the storms and this year we are on target watch FAMARA take flight. 

It's not all plain sailing, yet asked would I choose this route again if given the chance?

Hell Yes!

It's my story - a tale of trusting who you are, of following a vision, of being open to change and, most of all, the realisation that success is not only measured in $$$. 

Success is about moments that take your breath away, people you meet and experiences you share and this last two years have been a constant source of all these things. 

Thanks for following our vision. 

Liz & Molly 





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