Whether you are stepping out for a mixed competition, or with your man for an afternoon of golf—do it in style! Our men's shirts are designed to align beautifully with our Black Orchid and Docklands designs. See our gorgeous men's shirts below!


FAMARA Sponsors Fling Golf UK

FAMARA Golf proudly announced their sponsorship for the FlingGolf UK team!

Their UK Manager, Paul Barran had this to say:

"Today I want to give thanks to FAMARA Limited and Liz Harwood. We were absolutely chuffed to show off the amazing clothing profiled by Famara. When you get close, the story unwinds and these beautiful patterns reveal themselves! Liz is an artist and her vision for her clothes comes from that art.

It was an honour to represent the brand and these were the most comfortable and well-made garmets... a perfect finish for the team. Thank you!

Men's Shirts which Complement our Women's Wear

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