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FAMARA Announces Sponsorship of FlingGolf UK

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A Bold Partnership for a Disruptive New Sport

London, UK – June 12, 2024 – FAMARA, the innovative and daring luxury apparel brand renowned for its use of original art in design, is proud to announce its sponsorship of FlingGolf UK, a revolutionary new sport shaking up the traditional golf landscape. This exciting partnership brings together two trailblazing entities, both committed to redefining their respective fields with creativity and audacity.

FlingGolf: A New Twist on Tradition

FlingGolf is making waves in the sports world with its unique approach to golfing. Played on traditional golf courses, this controversial sport replaces the conventional set of clubs with a single, versatile stick. Players “fling” the ball instead of swinging, offering a fresh, dynamic take on the game that is accessible and exhilarating. FlingGolf has been embraced by enthusiasts for its simplicity and speed, and it continues to grow in popularity across the UK.

FAMARA: Art Meets Activewear

FAMARA has made its name by integrating original, vibrant artwork into luxury activewear. Known for its bold and unconventional designs, FAMARA is disrupting the sportswear industry by offering apparel that stands out both on and off the fairways. Each piece in FAMARA’s collection is a statement of individuality, making it the perfect match for the non-traditional ethos of FlingGolf.

A Match Made in Heaven

The partnership between FAMARA and FlingGolf UK is a celebration of innovation and breaking norms. Both entities share a vision of pushing boundaries and offering unique experiences. FAMARA’s sponsorship will support FlingGolf's growth and bring an artistic flair to the sport, with bespoke apparel designed for FlingGolf players and fans alike.

“FAMARA is thrilled to support FlingGolf UK in bringing this exciting new sport to a wider audience,” said Elizabeth Harwood, Owner and Founder at FAMARA. “Just as FAMARA disrupts the fashion industry with art-inspired designs, FlingGolf is disrupting the game of golf. It’s a natural fit for us to come together and promote a sport that challenges the status quo and embodies the spirit of fun and creativity.”

FlingGolf UK's Paul Baran says "FlingGolf is revolutionising the way we think about sports. This innovative hybrid of lacrosse and golf makes the game accessible and inclusive, allowing players to get started quickly and enjoyably. Much like snowboarding transformed the skiing world, FlingGolf brings a fresh, fun, and dynamic experience to traditional golf courses. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the sport, FlingGolf offers an exciting new way to enjoy the game."

Aim High And Let It Fly

The tagline for this partnership, “Aim High And Let It Fly,” captures the essence of what makes both FAMARA and FlingGolf special. It’s about taking bold steps, embracing the unconventional, and enjoying the journey in style. With FAMARA’s support, FlingGolf UK is set to expand its reach and inspire more people to try this exciting new sport.

Join the Movement

To celebrate this partnership, FAMARA is launching a special edition FlingGolf apparel line, featuring dynamic designs inspired by the energy and excitement of the sport. Fans can look forward to a range of high-performance gear that combines the best of FAMARA’s artistic vision with the practicality needed for FlingGolf.


FAMARA is a luxury apparel brand known for its original art-inspired designs and commitment to quality. Combining vibrant artwork with high-performance fabrics, FAMARA creates activewear that stands out in both style and function.


FlingGolf UK is the leading promoter of FlingGolf, a new sport that offers a fun and accessible alternative to traditional golf. Played with a single stick, FlingGolf is fast, easy to learn, and can be enjoyed on any golf course.

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